Enzo SV230 Plus

Centurion Boats

As the official towboat of the World Wake Surfing Championship for more than a decade, the Enzo SV 230 Plus possesses a surf pedigree that’s unmatched by any other boat. While the 230 Plus has long been Centurion’s gold standard for wakesurfing, its deep-V Enzo hull also offers top-of-the-line wakeboarding performance. Just ask West Coast wakeboarding legend Ricky Gonzalez, who has been riding the behind the Enzo SV 230 Plus for years. Better still, the boat’s pro-proven wakes are complimented by a long list of standard features designed to enhance your every session. The Gladiator tower delivers a solid and stylish pull, 2,000 pounds of Quick-Fill, Pro, and Bow ballast lets you build your ideal wakes and waves, and the ProVision II dash system with built-in ZeroOff speed control manages every aspect of your onboard experience.


Bootstyp: Wake / Surfboard
Modell: Enzo SV233 2013
Länge: 7.01m (23' )
Breite: 2.59m (102")
Tiefgang: 0.76m
Max. Belegung: 12 Personen
Leergewicht: 1995 Kg (4'400lbs)
Motor: PCM ZR 409 Catanium 410
Leistung: 410 PS (Hp)
Antrieb: V- Antrieb
Treibstoff: Benzin Bleifrei
Treibstofftank: 175 Ltr. (46 Gallons)